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From Palugo to Kroka

Well, here we are. Surrounded by snow, reentering the United States threshold safe and sound. Our last few days in Palugo were full of loving and celebration. On the day of our presentation for the community, we practiced our wild performance to no end and then dove immediately into feast preparation. All huddled in the kitchen, dishes from all sorts of origins and tastes began to appear on the table. From Baba ghanoush to lasagna, ice cream to attempted cinnamon candy, we filled our bellies to the brim looking at a clear sky. 

We gave gifts to each other, appreciating every dear person within our circle. We said goodbye to Mailey, as she went on her own adventure back home with a beyond thrilled mother. Before leaving for the airport, we felt the necessity to sweat out everything that hasn’t served us this semester in the sweat lodge we built and enjoyed the moments in the dark in song. Sweating it out, still not like the jungle, we submerged ourselves in probably the best spring wate…

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